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UltiMapper I/O PD-L1

UltiMapper I/O PD-L1


Immune infiltration 5-plex kit : inhibitory or inflammatory mechanisms at play along the PD-L1 axis. CD8, CD68, PD-L1, panCK / Sox10 along with a nuclear counterstain.


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Marker Main Cell Function
CD8 Cytotoxic T-cell


   Cytotoxic T-cells are responsible for mediating apoptosis of cancer cells through the release of 

   perforin and granzyme B from the T-cells. 
   Increased levels of PD-L1+ cells alone in tumor samples provide limited differentiation between samples.
   However, the proximity of PD-L1+ cells to CD8+ cells may support better differentiation.

CD68 Macrophage

   Macrophages modulate the immune response and can express PD-L1  

PD-L1Macrophage and Tumor Cell


   Allows cells to escape immune surveillance by binding to PD-1.

   A search of yields nearly 700 clinical trials with the keyword PD-L1. 

   The association of PD-L1 expression with clinical outcome is uncertain at this time, 

   but researchers are working to establish the relationship of this marker to other markers such as CD8.

PanCK/Sox10 Tumor Cell


   The kit may be used to interrogate many tumor sample types for Research.

   A cocktail of optimized reagents for the detection of pan-Cytokeratin and Sox10 protein markers is provided. 

   Cytokeratins are expressed in cells of an epithelial origin including most carcinomas.

   Sox10 is expressed in cells derived from the neural crest including melanocytes that give rise to melanomas.






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UltiMapper I/O PD-L1