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Laboratory Automation Solutions
Using microfluidic technology

Formulatrix가 가지고 있는 Liquid handling technology와 Imaging 기술은
Protein crystallization, Next Generation Sequencing 등 다양한 분야에서
만족할 수 있는 재현성과 Throughput을 제공합니다.


Patented Positive Displacement Technology

Cost-effective : Can be produced in high quantity at low-cost for disposable
                                applications where a sterile pump may be needed.

Customized : Large arrays of pumps are easily made. Optional independent channel
                            control is available of each pump in the array.

Consistent : Precise, repeatable dosing.

Fast : High flow rates can be achieved.

Flexible : Active valves allow for bi-directional pumping. Diaphragm volumes from
                   nanoliters to mililiters can be produced.

Powerful : Capable of non-contact dispensing. High pressures and vacuums
                      can be generated.

Imaging for Protein Crystallization

Imaging for Protein Crystallization

Visible Light Imaging

Ultraviolet Imaging

Multi-Fluorescence Imaging

Liquid Handling Technology

Automated Liquid Transfer Optimization

Dynamic Liquid Level Detection and Tracking

The First Liquid Handler With The Sense of Touch

Advantage / Features

A variety of proteomic and genomic applications.

Simplify the preparation and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids

Automation solutions and software that is truly cutting-edge and easy to use.


Protein crystallization Application

Protein crystallography 실험 과정을 자동화하여 관리하는 Software를 이용하여 Screening과 Optimization 실험의 각 단계에서
Liquid dispensing system과 Imaging system을 관리할 수 있습니다.

Liquid Handling Application

  • Protenin Crystallization

    Reliable + Reproducible
    Protein Drop Setting

  • NGS Sample Preparation

    Efficient NGS Sample Preparation
    Starts with Miniaturized
    cDNA Synthesis

  • Assay Development and

    Developing + Optimizing
    Assays for Drug Discovery

  • Cell-based Assays

    Gentle Dispensing for High
    Cell Viability


[데모신청] 데드볼륨이 적은 Reagent Dispenser, Mantis를 체험해 보세요!

Formulatrix의 Liquid handling technology는protein crystallization, next generation sequencing 등 다양..


소모품 사용량을 획기적으로 줄이는 자동화 qPCR Preparation!

COVID-19의 세계적인 유행으로 진단 테스트에 대한 폭발적인 수요가 발생하여, 결과적으로 시약 및 소모품 공급 부족으로 이어졌습니다. qPCR은 간단하고 결과에 대한..


Mantis로 Reagent Dispenser 이상의 가치를 느껴보세요

Formulatrix의 Liquid handling technology와 imaging 기술은protein crystallization, next generation seq..