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Olink Signature Q100

Olink Signature Q100


High-throughput 실시간 유전자 증폭 시스템 for readout of Olink Target/Focus protein biomarker panels( 단백질 바이오마커를 식별 및 정량화하는 DNA 결합 면역 분석 패널)



- Olink Target & Focus protein biomarker panel 전용 

- Integrated system controls :  별도의 장치 추가 없이 기기에서 직접 터치스크린으로 운용 

- USB 또는 네트워크로 연결하여 자료 전송

- 컴팩트 사이즈 




Workflow for Olink Signature 









Availabel panels for Olink Signature 

- Olink Target 96 panels are focused around a specific disease area or biological process and each enable the relative quantification of 92 carefully selected proteins across 90 samples simultaneously, using just 1 µL sample. This offers a uniquely flexible proteomics solution, with a library of over 1100 human proteins available via 14 different 96-plex panels.

- Olink Target 48 Cytokine is the ultimate solution for targeted studies focused on inflammatory diseases or process. This panel enables analysis of 45 carefully selected proteins across 40 samples simultaneously from just 1 μL sample. Thanks to the provision of calibrators for each assay, Olink® Target 48 Cytokine also offers absolute quantification, providing data in both standard concentration (pg/mL) and relative concentration (NPX) units.

- Olink Focus panels are available via custom projects with our R&D experts, and offer assays for up to 21 customer-selected proteins, with a choice of absolute or relative quantification.


- Olink will continue to develop additional Target and custom panel offerings to further expand the utility of Olink Signature.

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