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The most comprehensive results from
the simplest microbiome sequencing prep.

Shoreline biome의 all-in-one, easy-to-use microbiome assay kits로 lysis부터 바코드로
multiplexed된 결과분석까지 지원함으로써 빠르고 쉽게 high-quality microbiome data를 얻을 수 있습니다.


  • Patented (patent pending)
    Lysis/DNA Purification

    • Novel lysis cracks microbes other kits miss
  • Novel and proprietary
    primer design

    • Considered structure and function of ribosomal
      RNA to ensure complete microbe coverage
    • Reduces amplification bias, leading to more
      accurate bacterial representation
  • Unique dual end barcodes

    • Reducing index hopping and increasing
      usable reads

Shoreline Complete™ assay kits

  • Assay kits for illumina sequencing platform

    Targeting either the V1–V3 or V4 region of the 16S rRNA gene

  • Assay kits for PacBio sequencing platform

    Targeting either the full 16S rRNA gene or the 16S-ITS-23S region

SB analyzer software


  • Strain level microbial identification using Shoreline Biome’s custom
    Athena database and StrainID amplicon

    Categorizes novel strains

    Uniquely-curated database of well-annotated genomes

  • SBanalyzer software demultiplexes and maximizes usable reads

    Intuitive analytical tool with point-and-click interface

    Athena database from RefSeq genomes (currently contains
    18,566 genomes and 77,212 16S-23S regions)


The Process

Advantages / Features


  • Cell Lysis

    일반적인 DNA preparation 방법으로
    용해하기 어려운 미생물에도 적용가능

  • PCR Sequencing Targets

    16S rRNA 미생물 유전자를 타겟으로 하여
    multiplex primer 설계 및 검증, 많은 sample (>100)을
    단일 런으로 동시에 sequencing할 수 있도록 최적화

  • Data Analysis

    SBanalyzer software with Athena database
    바코드로 샘플을 분류하고 Athena™ reference
    database를 활용한 자체 software로 strain 수준으로
    pylogenetic identification 가능


  • Easy and quick workflow

    Superior lysis with no bead beating

    Low sample input for precious samples

  • Smarter PCR primer design reduces bias

    Unique dual-ended barcodes maximizes usable reads

    High fidelity single-step PCR

  • Analysis software powered by
    reference database

    Improve accuracy & resolution for PacBio NGS

    Athena™ reference database groups into taxonomic hierarchy
    for strain level ID

  • Various applicable sample types

    Stool, skin, swab, tissue

    Soil, insect, dairy