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UltiMapper I/O PD-1

UltiMapper I/O PD-1


Immune exhaustion 5-plex kit : co-localization of T cells, memory T cells, tumor cells, and the underlying PD-1 checkpoint immune exhaustion mechanism at play. CD3, CD45RO, PD-1, panCK / Sox10 along with a nuclear counterstain.


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Marker Main Cell Function
CD3 T cell


   Identifies all T cells and is the most specific marker for T cells, including lineage based based markers such as CD4 and CD8. 

CD45RO Memory T cell

   Indicates that the T cell has previously encountered its cognate antigen. 

   An increase in CD45RO+ T cells in tumors is associated with a better prognosis.  

PD-1Exhausted T cell


   A marker of T-cell exhaustion indicating that normal function of the cell has been disrupted.

   May also indiate an immuno-suppressive phenotype. Increased levels of PD-1+ T cells are associated with a poorer prognosis. 

   PD-1 is the target of multiple therapeutics. 


PanCK/Sox10 Tumor Cell


   The kit may be used to interrogate many tumor sample types for Research.

   A cocktail of optimized reagents for the detection of pan-Cytokeratin and Sox10 protein markers is provided. 

   Cytokeratins are expressed in cells of an epithelial origin including most carcinomas.

   Sox10 is expressed in cells derived from the neural crest including melanocytes that give rise to melanomas.




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UltiMapper I/O PD-1