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Multiplexing Kit

Multiplexing Kit

Pacific Biosciences

multiplexing SMRTbell library templates for long-read sequencing on the PacBio Sequel Systems


  • Sequence multiple samples on the same SMRT Cell to increase throughput and enhance the efficiency. 
  • Multiplexing is supported with three barcoding options providing flexibility to incorporate unique sample identifiers during target amplification or library preparation.

  • Barcoded Overhang Adapter Kit – 8A/8B : used in conjuntion with the SMRTbell Express Template Prep Kit 2.0 (PN 100-938-900) for multiplexed microbial multiplexing sequencing.
  • Barcoded Universal F/R Primers Plate -96 : a 96-well plate of barcoded forward and reverse primers.
  • 96 barcoded SMRTbell adapters : for multiplexing amplicons through ligation to generate SMRTbell libraries and do not require modifications to existing, pre-designed PCR primers.


품번 품명
101-628-400 Barcoded Overhang Adapter Kit - 8A
101-628-500 Barcoded Overhang Adapter Kit - 8B
100-466-100 Barcoded Universal F/R Primers Plate -96
100-514-900 SMRTbell Barcoded Adapt Complete Prep-96
100-466-000 Barcoded Adapter Plate - 96
100-465-800 SMRTbell Barcoded Adapter Prep Kit
100-992-200 SMRTbell Damage Repair Kit -SPv3