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Tapestri Platform

Tapestri Platform

Mission Bio

단일세포 수준에서 DNA (genotype)와 Protein(phenotype) 발현을 동시에 분석할 수 있는 플랫폼 # ScDNA-seq # Single-cell # multi-omics # biomarkers # clonal evolution # gene editing # cancer # advanced therapies # AML # clinical research # drung discovery "Multi-omic SNV, CNV and protein sequencing from thousands of single cells"


Multi-omic SNV, CNV and protein sequencing from thousands of single cells

Unravel cancer’s complexity with true single-cell multi-omics 

단일세포에서  유전자형 (DNA) 표현형 (protein) 데이터를 동시에 분석할 있는 유일한 시스템입니다. DNA 기반으로 하는 독점 기술인 Two-step microfluidic workflow 통해 SNV, CNV 단백질을 포함한 분석물을 동시에 검출할 있습니다. 또한 zygosity 측정 다발적 돌연변이등을 검출하여 allele frequency 분석 clonal architecture 확인하실 있습니다.  

Tapestri Platform Highlights


- Analyze DNA and protein expression simultaneously in single cells for true multi-omic insight


- Complete solution with core kits to take you from single cells to a sequencing-ready library and analysis tools to convert your multi-analyte data to actionable insights


- Targeted, customizable content for key oncology






Tapestri Platform Specifications 






품번 품명
191335 Tapestri Instrument
046459 Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Cartridge Kit
MB03-0034 Tapestri Single-Cell DNA + Protein Core Kit
문의 요망 Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Catalog Panel Kits
문의 요망 Cell DNA Custom Panel Kits