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BD Rhapsody Webinar : 국내연구사례

2020-07-16 15:03:52


Single-Cell Multiomics의 full portfolio를 활용한 국내연구사례를 만나보세요.

본 웨비나에서는 국내에서 연구를 진행하고 계시는 연구자분의 scRNA-sequencing을 위한 single cell preparation에 대한 실용적인 가이드를 확인하실 수 있습니다.

이번 세미나에서는 아래와 같은 내용으로 진행됩니다.

1. Considerations for single cell RNASeq analysis as end-users
: a practical guide to help researchers design their successful single cell preparation for scRNA-Seq

2. BD Rhapsody system의 다양한 application을 활용한 High throughput single-cell multi-omics analysis에 대한 간략한 소개

Date & Time:
2020년 7월 30일 목요일, 오후 1시 30분 (한국시간)

Speakers :

김정모 (Jungmo Kim), Ph.D.
Center for Vascular Research, IBS-KAIST
Title : Considerations for single cell RNASeq analysis as end-users

Since the first single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) study was published in 2009, many more have been conducted, mostly by specialist laboratories with unique skills in wet-lab single-cell genomics, bioinformatics, and computation. Following the increasing commercial availability of scRNA-seq platforms, and the rapid ongoing maturation of bioinformatics approaches, any biomedical researcher or clinician can use scRNA-seq to make exciting discoveries. Every scRNA-seq protocols require suspensions of viable, single cells as input. The removal of contaminants such as dead cells, debris or unexpected cellular stress reactions from single cell suspensions is critical to obtaining high quality data. Depending on the sample type and sample preparation method, the fraction of these contaminants in a single cell suspension can vary significantly. This can contribute to the background noise of the assay and will compromise the quality of single cell data. In this talk, I will present a practical guide to help researchers design their successful single cell preparation for scRNA-Seq.

박경은 (Kyungen Park) 
Field Application Specialist
Title : High throughput single-cell multi-omics analysis with various application of BD Rhapsody system


아래에서 레코딩 파일을 요청 하실 수 있습니다. 

BD Rhapsody multiomics system은 single cell capture부터 mRNA isolation,
multiplexing, 분석 pipeline까지 end to end workflow를 제공합니다.