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Scaling High Accuracy Long Reads (HiFi Reads) for Global Genome Projects

2020-01-31 15:46:52



Scaling High Accuracy Long Reads (HiFi Reads) for Global Genome Projects



2월 5일부터 개최되는 한국유전체학회 동계 심포지엄에서 PacBio의 Technology session이 진행될 예정입니다.
관심 있는 연구자분들의 많은 방문 부탁드립니다.


2020년 2월 6일 목요일, 14:10-14:30

소노벨 비발디파크 D (구 메이플동), 루비I (2F, 구 토파즈홀)


Zuwei Qian, Ph.D.

Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific Region

Pacific Biosciences Inc.  



The DNA sequencing technologies in use today produce either highly accurate short reads or less-accurate long reads. Using new advances in circular consensus sequencing (CCS) we have improved the accuracy of single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing to generate reads which are both long (>15 kb) and very accurate (>99.9%). Using these new highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads), we demonstrate performance improvements across many applications including comprehensive variant detection in human genomes, de novo assembly of plant and animal genomes, full-length RNA transcript isoform sequencing and metagenomics community sequencing. When combined with recent improvements in ZMW density, polymerase speed and analog chemistry - introduced with the SMRT Cell 8M, Sequel II System and 2.0 chemistry - we demonstrate scalability of the method for affordable HiFi sequencing for large-scale study designs. This has resulted in broad adoption of HiFi for multiple global genome projects including Solve-RD, HGSVC, HGRP, VGP and All of US.